Which Type of Daycare Center Should You Choose For Your Kid?

If you have a child at home and you are planning to enroll them in a daycare system, there are quite a few key decisions you need to make. You have a few options for daycare, including daycare centers and daycare services within homes. 

How does a parent make an informed decision to ensure that their precious little one is at the right place and under the right care while he or she is busy at work?  Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to both home daycare and daycare centers so that you can make the right choice for your child. 

Daycare Centers

These are professional centers for those in need of childcare. Daycares may be large, and they tend to be strategically located for the benefit of children and their parents.

Advantages of Choosing Daycare in Abington

  1. They are regulated – Daycare centers have to go through tough licensing and operate under strict guidelines to ensure that your child has a stable and safe environment to eat, sleep, and play in.  
  1. The staff is professional – Those that work with your child in centers are trained professionals that know how to care for your little one properly and administer first aid if needed. There are qualified teachers with formal training for a child’s overall development, including cognitive skills and fine motor skills. A kids after school program, for instance, can be very beneficial. Qualified professionals help to make kids more independent in these programs.
  1. They encourage socialization – Daycare centers give your child the chance to interact with other children from all backgrounds. This also helps your child in developing social skills that are so important in adolescence as well as in adulthood.
  1. They have more capacity – Centers tend to have bigger spaces that can accommodate more kids and fun activities. 

Home Daycares Home daycares are daycares inside individuals’ homes. They are not typical daycare businesses. Usually, it is run by one person who has opened their home to a few children on an informal basis to watch regularly. While there are certain advantages, the disadvantages can be worrisome. If you are looking for a children summer camp, Kids World can provide a fun alternative to a home daycare. When it comes to daycare inside homes, keep this in mind:

Disadvantages of Home Daycares

  1. Little to no regulation – Regulations of daycare facilities vary from state to state. Some states require no licensing, meaning that anyone can open up a daycare in their home. Some states do require a license, but only for a certain number of children being watched. In the end, you need to make sure a daycare offers the security and safety you need.
  1. Training – In most cases, one does not require formal training to start a daycare in a home. However, just because someone watches children does not mean they have been approved through the state or have had proper background checks. 

Tips On Finding a Great Daycare Center

  1. Decide on specifics – Do you want a daycare close to home or a place closer to your work? Do you want a classroom setting or a more home-like setting? Do you want your child to have a daily schedule or benefit from a more relaxed environment? Try to have these questions answered before taking next steps.
  2. Believe in word of mouth – Even today, a tried-and-true method to find a fantastic place is to ask around: your friends, family, and colleagues are likely to have good suggestions. It is best to get several different opinions if possible to get the best idea of some good options.
  3. Check online – This is a quick and easy research option. Many daycares will have websites that can give you a good idea about the center and whether or not they fit your requirements.
  4. Phone calls – Once you have narrowed your list of daycare centers down to five or ten, you can call each of them to find out if they have openings. You can ask a few basic questions, such as their fees and hours. However, be sure to take note if the person assisting you is friendly or not. Always select a center that is both professional and friendly. 

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