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We are thrilled to be a standard preschool and childcare service provider in Abington. Locally owned and handled, our care services help numerous parents and their kids. We have an outright commitment to providing the best quality childcare and education possible. Our team works regularly with the families we serve.

Everything about the Child Care Program in Abington offers was created with young kids and their parents in mind:


The staff at our Abington Child Care Program exceed the highest state standards for preschool and daycare. If you visit our infant room, you’ll find a caring, loving atmosphere. From the earliest age to the first stages of walking, your child’s development warms our hearts. With the quick development of your baby, our teachers will develop motivating activities to imbue confidence in learning and examination. And because we preserve strict teacher-child ratios, you can count on your child getting the unique attention deserved.

Special Attention for Toddlers

Toddlers are obviously curious, and a safe and welcoming environment is an ideal place to allow them to discover their world… under the alert eyes and assisting hands of our teachers. We are particularly skilled in guiding the growth of young bodies and minds.

Because young preschoolers are actively developing new words and social skills, speedily establishing their own intellect and self-government, special attention is a must. We happily provide this attention, whether it be the milestone of potty training, or some other important life and learning event.

Safety and Security

Undoubtedly, safety and security are always a top concern. At Kids World Learning Center, we go above and beyond, implementing personalized safety and security features for your child. We have carefully planned all of our security and safety features so as to work organically within the learning environment our kids love. Rest assured, we are always watching, and no kid will be left unprotected.

Custom-designed Buildings

Similar to other daycare centers in the Abington area, our Learning Center has been created from the ground up with young child security and educational requirements in mind. These buildings facilitate a fun and nurturing environment conducive to your child’s continued growth and development.

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